On Saturday, November 23rd, the Goleta Chamber of Commerce will be honoring Goleta’s Finest with a “Celebration of Our Community.” If you know of a person or organization within our community deserving special recognition for their activities, then here’s your chance to nominate them for this prestigious award. Click here to nominate…

Categories and Criteria:

Small Business (<50 employees): Local Goleta growing company showing excellence/leadership in field of expertise, business growth, and community involvement.

Large Business (50+ employees): Local Goleta company having business growth, increased employment, sound employee relations, and has a positive impact on the community.

Entrepreneur: Local Goleta individual/company showing excellence/leadership in field of expertise, innovation, has a positive impact in the Goleta community.

Educator of the Year: Contributes to the growth and achievement of the educational system in Goleta, has gone above and beyond to contribute to educational advancement.

Student of the Year: A Goleta student that has excelled in the academic environment, helped other students succeed, has contributed to the Goleta community or other academic programs. 

Volunteer of the Year: A person who has impacted the Goleta community in a significant way through volunteer activities with local organizations.

Non-profit of the Year: Growing non-profit organization that has had a positive impact in the Goleta community through philanthropic work.

Special Recognition: A business or non-profit that deserves special recognition for their work and influence in Goleta.

Man of the Year & Woman of the Year: Man and Woman who contributes to the business leadership and/or quality of life in Goleta. The nominee inspires others to better serve our community.

Please provide a paragraph indicating why your nominee deserves an award. You may nominate more than one person, but please only one per category. To ensure that your recommendations are considered, please return a completed nomination form to the Goleta Chamber by Friday, September 13, 2019.

Nomination Categories:

Small Business of the Year • Large Business of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year • Educator of the Year

Student of the Year • Non-profit of the Year • Volunteer of the Year

Woman of the Year • Man of the Year

Click here to nominate…