The newly merged Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce has worked diligently to help businesses navigate the extraordinary challenges during COVID-19 and the resulting economic crisis. Our priorities have been to slow the spread of COVID and recover our economy. We advocate for a strong economy in a safe, and mindful way.

Now, 8 months into the pandemic, our energy will be focused on creating a Roadmap for Recovery – utilizing our more than 1,100 regional members in more than 12 different industry sectors, our charge is to map a course for recovery, based on our best efforts over the next 6 months, 12 months and 18 months ahead. Our first phase is to organize a structure of information based on Goals, Tactics and Milestones for areas such as business openings, tourism growth, manufacturing output, customer numbers, financial improvements, and bringing back our workforce.The Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce will continue to focus all of our energy and expertise on responding to the economic crisis as a result of COVID-19. We will continue our work on economic development, visitor services, small business resources with the understanding of what we stand for in relationship to the crisis.

We will provide a unified vision
The Chamber supports all efforts to slow the spread of COVID and recover our economy. We
advocate for a strong economy in a safe, and mindful way.

We will support business
We trust that every business is eager to thrive and therefore adapt and innovate rapidly to meet the changing demands of our customers, the community and the safety of our workforce and the public.

We will continue a path of relentless communication
Our job is to communicate often. COVID-19 is a dynamic situation and the need for information is high. We will be good communicators and a hub for resources and guidance that includes:
analyzing information
sharing resources
supporting innovation
quickly responding to change

We will strive to shape governmental policy
We are working closely with the appropriate government officials to enact both short- and
long-term economic recovery plans that impact local industry and businesses in our community.

We will advocate for recovery
Advocacy is an essential skill with which our leadership team is powerfully equipped.

We will work to connect business, education and community
We envision a new level of collaboration with education, as our communities, our families and our workforce depend on a close relationship between business and education.

We will lead by example
We believe in Safe and Smart Santa Barbara County which means safe and smart in our communities from Goleta to Carpinteria.