There is no doubt that our community is beginning to experience the negative impacts of COVID-19. Schools are closed, companies are shifting to work-from-home practices, events are being cancelled and social distancing is becoming a necessity. As our community faces this unprecedented situation it is important to realize that we are not powerless. There are many ways we can make a positive impact in our community and help support others in this time of need. Below are some ways you can help.
Support your local businesses
  • Order take-out or delivery – call your favorite restaurant to order take-out, or try a delivery service such as DeliverySB, SBbites, GrubHub, Restaurant Connection or DoorDash.
  • Buy a gift card from your favorite restaurants or shops – this stimulates the economy now and you can return to use at a later date.
If you feel well and want to volunteer, there are local groups who need great people.
Donate blood
Urgent shortage: donors needed. If you are healthy and able please consider donating blood now. As this disease continues to spread there will be significantly less people ableto donate.
Help your neighbors
  • Run errands. Senior citizens are being asked to stay home. They will need help with grocery shopping, picking up medication, and other similar tasks. Reach out to your neighbors. Remember that many seniors do not participate in social media. Online groups may not reach someone. You can knock on doors, or leave a note at the door.
  • Provide child care. Schools are daycares are closed until at least April, but many parents need to physically attend work in order to pay their bills. Consider offering to watch a child, even if just for the day. Online groups and word-of-mouth with neighbors and friends is a great way to offer this service.
  • Neighbors are communicating through a variety of online platforms.
Donate Money
If you don’t have time or are unable to volunteer, you can still make an impact. Consider donating money to local non-profits that are helping to support our community’s hungry and sick populations.
The Goleta Chamber of Commerce would like to shine a light on the amazing kindness and compassion that our community continues to exhibit. We encourage you to get involved. If you have questions or need additional resources, please contact: April Lee via email at